Your Trusted Family Day Care in Gold Coast

Nothing beats the feeling of being at ease knowing that you have entrusted your child to a reliable day care in Gold Coast, such as Jacaranda Early Education. We take pride in having a holistic curriculum that incorporates all learning styles and follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) aligned with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG). Best of all, we also provide free extra-curricular opportunities that ensure every child will have fun while learning.

We do not only prepare your children academically, but we also ensure that they are well-developed in other areas. Such areas include building strong relationships among fellow children and their educators. But most importantly, we also guide them in forming habits, skills, and mindsets that go beyond the academic realm.

As much as we have invested in creating a quality curriculum and worthwhile extra-curricular activities, we have also put in much effort in making sure that our students dwell in an environment conducive to learning.

Virtual Tour

Allow us to take you on a virtual tour below to see for yourself as to what makes us one of the trusted family day care in Gold Coast in terms of rooms, facilities, and material provision.

We made sure that every room is equipped with adequate resources and features that allow children to learn and explore. For example, one of our rooms is the Orchids room or the Baby Area. It is for babies under ages 0-18 months. It is important to note that the room is equipped with learning materials that promote their developmental milestones, including learning and exploring more about the things in their surroundings.

Besides that, we also have the Billy Button room for toddlers under 1-2 years old and the Banksia room for those who are between 2-3 years old. Each room mentioned and the rest of the rooms in our facility is unique since it is tailored for the target milestones for every age group. Complete with dynamic play areas and age-appropriate learning materials, you can say that you have enrolled your child at a trusted family daycare.

If you seek a trustworthy day care in Gold Coast with qualified early childhood educators and fully equipped with the appropriate learning materials, contact us at Jacaranda Early Education today. As a child-centred early education centre in Gold Coast, you can confidently entrust your child in the early stages of their formative years.