What We Offer

Our Curriculum

Combining the knowledge and expertise of our experienced Educators and the Early Years Learning Framework- Being, Becoming and Belonging and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, we ensure we incorporate all styles of learning as not one child learns the same at our Gold Coast daycare centre. The framework offers a vision where all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life by building on what children can do and their interests.

Our curriculum is based on:

Being, Becoming and Belonging, The Early Years Learning Framework For Australia: Children learn and develop crucial skills in the early years of their lives as evidenced by conclusive international research. This is why a national framework was established for childhood education. This framework focuses on extending and enriching the learning of children from birth to age five as well as through the transition to school.

Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines: As part of this framework, schools and parents/carers can share information about children's learning and development with each other and with the school. Parent/caregivers, kindergarten teachers, and school staff work together to ensure a smooth transition from kindergarten to school.

Inclusions at our Childcare Program

Tailored Care

Jacaranda Early Education ensures we have a high volume of the highest standard educators onsite to provide tailored, personalised care and education for all of the children in childcare. This includes age and ability-based learning.

Our educators take the time to understand every child's strengths and weaknesses and tailor learning to accommodate these skills in order to give them the best platform for transitioning to school.

Babies and children up to five years old will have access to highly qualified early childhood teachers that take the time to understand what makes them unique and unlock their potential through play-based learning.

One strategy might be highly successful with one child, while a completely different direction is required to unlock the potential of another child; that's why you can rest assured that our educators will always take the time to understand your child and deliver education that caters to them as individuals.

Gourmet Food

We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. All meals are cooked and prepared onsite by our own chef. We have created our four weekly rotating menus in conjunction with Feed Australia. Feed Australia is a world leading, nutritional education and preventative health initiative. We believe that nutrition is a fundamental part of learning which should be included within the daily curriculum. Together, we can improve the health and wellness of future generations.

Nappies and Wipes

Nappies, wipes and suncream are provided by our centre to make sure the wellbeing of your children.

Extra Curriculum Activities


Every Tuesday morning the children start their day with yoga, this helps with relaxation and enhances their concentration for the busy day ahead. Yoga also helps to maintain flexibility and strengthens growing bodies.


Every Thursday we have Hey dee ho come and visit and engage the children in music and dance. All the children will participate within fun filled activities that will promote:

      • Fine and gross motor skills
      • Cognitive learning
      • Visual and auditory process and memory
      • Literacy and language skills
      • Social skills
      • Creativity and imagination


Once a month we have a visit from the residents at Harbour Quays Aged Care Home, where they come and participate in a variety of different activities with the children. The program is designed to help bridge the gap between generations and spread some happiness into other peoples lives.


First Wednesday of every month we have someone come into the centre from the Jellurgal Aboriginal Culture Centre to immerse the children within the Aboriginal culture. The children will participate within dot painting, rock art, weaving and storytelling. This is a great program for the children to become educated and aware of their local Aboriginal people and their way of being and doing.

Frequently asked questions

Why is early learning so important?

The early development years are critical for a child's development. This is when their brain develops and wires itself for later life, so being in a learning environment is going to prepare them well for school and their future.

Positive experiences feed the brain's ability to develop in these early years, so being in a fun, friendly, happy and safe environment that is also structured around learning is going to benefit them enormously. Educators in early learning are trained and qualified to help your child develop to the best of their ability.

What age does early childhood education start?

The age where daycare becomes preschool is three. This is the age where children really begin to learn through play, develop friendships and become receptive to structure and learning environments. Childcare centres offer a lot of stimulus, curriculum-based learning and facilities that are not available at home. So pre-school is a great opportunity for your children to develop and have lots of fun at the same time.

What is part of the kindergarten program?

As this is the final step before a child starts prep at school, having the right learning processes, educators and support available is crucial. Kindergarten programs need to be approved to adhere to government guidelines and provide all of the measures of inclusive support to give every child a chance to participate and learn. This is not a daycare service, this is the first formal step in your child's education.