Jacaranda Early Education believes the foundations of life begins with strong relationships amongst children and educators.

This fosters trust and a sense of being and belonging within our Jacaranda community. Creating social capital through their own interactions and participation within their local community enables the children to be recognised and have value within the community context.

Cultural identity is valuable to us and respect for the First Australians is paramount in incorporating our heritage into our curriculum and environments.

Fostering each families’ cultural identity into our program in conjunction with the “Aboriginal 8 Ways Framework” we identify and link these values into daily practice and lifelong learning.

Our Biggera Waters Daycare Centre is purposely built to incorporate our outdoor areas as a large focus. We feel providing a connection to nature enables children to engage and explore their environments and become environmentally responsible for their own footprint on their world.

Our holistic approach to early education is guided by the early childhood code of ethics which represents our core values as early childhood professionals.

Our ongoing commitment to professional development ensures that we are highly educated with industry changes and changes to child developmental progression within the early childhood sector.

We encourage the children to learn and develop through their individual interests and strengths through spontaneous experiences with the support of The National Quality Standards, The Early Years Learning Framework and the Approved Queensland Kindergarten guidelines framework. As professional educators, we scaffold these interests extending and future planning through further opportunities.

Honouring diversity that when valued and nurtured appropriately, fosters individuals that can positively contribute to their community and the growing independent generation.


Written by Jacaranda Early Education