Why You Should Enrol Your Kids in an Early Learning Childcare Centre

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Children are said to be the future of society. What they are taught today is the knowledge and wisdom they use tomorrow. That is why it is best to enrol them in an early learning childcare centre.

Introducing your child to non-parental education at an early age can help prepare them for formal education. Take note that kids at a very young age absorb information fast. They learn new things every single day and slowly start to understand the world they live in.

A lot of parents think that an early learning centre is just somewhere to drop their kids off when they go to work. But what they don’t realise is that they are actually giving their kids the chance to become independent learners. There are a lot of places for childcare on the Gold Coast that you can take your child to, so you don’t have to worry about accessibility and distance.


Does Early Learning Matter?

Childcare education speeds up a child’s learning process. They get to use and develop their innate critical thinking and problem-solving skills that they will use as they grow older.

Always remember this: the kind of adult your children become is based on how they were raised and the environment they grew up in. By exposing them to places with educational and social activities, your child can grow to be a smart and sociable person.


Importance of Childcare Education

As previously mentioned, many parents believe that childcare centres are just places where they leave their children to get used to the basics of learning and education. Although that may be true, early learning is important because of so much more. By definition, early education is when a child attends programs similar to formal education before they start kindergarten.

The main importance is that it gives a child stepping stones to formal education. They get a head start to learning, giving them a bit of an advantage, unlike other children their age who don’t go to early learning schools. A child’s brain develops greatly at this age, so enrolling them in programs like this can help boost that development.

This also gives them a great foundation for learning and helps them perform better during their early years in school. Thankfully, there are now a lot of early learning childcare centres in Australia. You don’t have to go far away to look for early learning on the Gold Coast.


Benefits of Early Learning

It has now become a norm for kids to be enrolled in early learning programs before they enter kindergarten. This is because parents know that it is important for a child’s development. But the truth is they don’t know why it’s important. They don’t really understand its true purpose.

Parents are just told that it’s good for their kids. Most of the time, they are not sure how exactly their children can benefit from going to childcare centres. More than just the basics that your children do need to learn and will eventually learn, early learning offers other benefits that help improve their growth and development.

One of the main benefits of getting your child to an early learning program is that they get to hang around with kids their age. This helps them get used to crowds and be with people that aren’t part of their immediate family. This is also a way for them to create connections on their own. They get to make friends and understand what bonding with others is.

Along with the first benefit, when you let your kids play around with others, they also learn to work together. They will understand the concept of teamwork and what it means to cooperate with the group. This also teaches them the concept of sharing. This benefit is most useful for eldest kids because they learn how to live together with a younger sibling.

Holistic Development
A well-developed child is one that has grown holistically. In a school of early learning on the Gold Coast, your kids get to build up the physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of their growth.

Passion for Lifelong Learning
Children are very curious. And if you feed this curiosity, you get a child who isn’t afraid to learn new things. When your child is passionate when it comes to learning, you wouldn’t have to worry about having to force them to take in information. They will want to know more about the world around them.

Education Through Experience and Exposure
They say experience is the best teacher. By letting your child experience new things in a safe environment, you get to see them learn from their actions. They get to understand the concept of rewards and consequences. You also get to expose them to kids of other cultures and different backgrounds. You get to let them experience what it is to be around others who don’t share their idea of normal.

Respect for Others
Respect is something that must be taught and must be reinforced. The way to do that is by exposing your kids to environments where you aren’t the only authoritative figure. Apart from respecting their seniors, they also need to learn to treat their equals with the same amount of respect.

Resilience and Patience
In an environment where they will be forced to take on new challenges every day, your children learn to be resilient. They get to learn to control their emotions and how to deal with them appropriately. They also learn patience when dealing with others.

An early learning program is designed to develop a child’s basic skills. This includes problem-solving and analytical skills. While practising these skills, kids also get to learn the value of concentration.

Confidence and Self-Esteem
A lot of kids get too shy when they are outside their homes. But by constantly exposing them to a place where they know they’ll be safe, even when surrounded by strangers, you get to help build their confidence. By being with kids their age, they get to boost each other’s morale and strengthen each other’s self-esteem.


In an early learning childcare centre, your child gets the chance to grow to be a well-rounded, and well-adjusted individual. Giving your child additional sources for growth and development will help you secure a bright future for them. Enrol your kids in a childcare centre now. Contact us here at Jacaranda Early Education to jumpstart your child’s early learning.