How To Ease Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Parent And Child Talking Before Going To Daycare School

When you drop your child off at daycare only to have them become emotional or even hysterical, your child could be experiencing separation anxiety. While it’s a normal feature of childhood development, separation anxiety can be worrying or stressful. Here are some helpful tips on how to recognise and manage your child’s separation anxiety at your daycare drop-off.


What are the signs of separation anxiety?

Your child may be experiencing separation anxiety if they display the following behaviours at your day care drop-off:

  • Significant distress or fear over being separated from you
  • Unwillingness to stay at daycare
  • Crying, clinging, fussing, or throwing tantrums

How can I ease my child’s separation anxiety?

You’ll be pleased to know there are things you can do to help your child feel less anxious about being left at daycare.

  • Establish a quick goodbye ritual: Even if your goodbyes involve big hugs and lots of kisses, try and keep them short. The longer you take to say goodbye, the longer it takes for your child to transition and settle.
  • Maintain consistency: Dropping your child off at daycare at the same time, and using the same goodbye ritual, will help them come to expect the separation. Routines can allow your child to feel more comfortable and trusting of themselves, you, and of the daycare staff.
  • Give attention: Ensure you give your child full attention and great affection when leaving, and keep your goodbye short even if they are begging you to stay.
  • Don’t make empty promises: If you fulfil your promise to come back at a certain time, your child will naturally build a sense of trust and their own independence. They’ll feel more and more confident to be on their own without you there.
  • Be specific and speak to your child’s level: When promising to come back to pick up your child, speak to them in ways they can understand. You might say, “I’ll be back after your nap, but before you have a snack”. Your child will understand these terms more readily than a time set by the clock.
  • Practice being apart: You might send the kids to their cousins, organise play dates, or go out for a little while and leave your kids with babysitters, family or friends. Practising separation before you send your child to daycare can help your child become more comfortable and prepared for longer periods apart from you.

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