What To Pack For Childcare

Mother And A Little Girl Hugging A Teddy Bear Toy

Dropping your child off at childcare for the first time - or even the 100th time! - can be stressful. After all, you want to make sure that they are happy and safe whilst you're apart. To make the process a little easier, it's helpful to know exactly what to pack for them so they have everything they need without you by their side. Everyone’s experience is different, but here are a few helpful things to pack when putting your child into daycare:


Comfort Toy Or Blanket

For some children, being separated from their parents can be a distressing experience, so you want to make sure you do everything you can to put them at ease.

Packing your child’s favourite stuffed animal or blanket can be a great way to make them feel comfortable and at home in their new surroundings.

Not only will this hopefully make them feel more secure without you being there to comfort them, but it should also help them relax and fall to sleep when it's time for a nap.

A Change Of Clothes

While running around trying to find their favourite stuffed animal or blanket, it's easy to forget some of the basics, but it's always wise to include a change of clothes in your child's bag.

We all know it’s very common for our babies to have an accident or spill something down themselves every now and again, so bringing an extra change of clothes will make it easier for the caregiver to get them into something clean and comfortable.

Since keeping your child happy is the priority, another good idea is to pack some extra clothes that are weather-dependent - that way, if it gets too hot or too cold, your child is fully equipped with an outfit that will help them to stay comfortable.

Bring Any Medications They May Need

When leaving your child in the hands of someone else, make sure you pack any medications or medical supplies they may need, such as inhalers and cough medicine.

Even if your child doesn't take this medication on a daily basis or rarely needs it, it’s still a good idea to pack it to give yourself peace of mind.

Nappies And Wipes

You will also need to pack a few essential toiletries such as diapers and wipes. Whilst some childcare services offer inclusions for these kinds of things, others require you to bring them yourself, so make sure to check this before packing a bag.

Here at Jacaranda Early Education, we offer several inclusions in our childcare program such as food that is prepared onsite by our own chef as well as essentials like nappies, wipes and sun cream to ensure the wellbeing of your children throughout their stay.

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